Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We have our lead paint/pipe inspection, 4 point home inspection and our termite inspection tomorrow.  Praying for all to go well and there isn't any major issues to be addressed.  If it all passes then we will be ready to move ahead with closing.  We are scheduled to close on April 30th but we will be able to close much sooner if everything goes well tomorrow.  So please pray with us as we ask God to protect our new house.

As far as our current house goes, we had our apprasal today.  We should know what it's going to come in at in a few days.  Praying for the right number so we can list it on MLS and hopefully get a few bites.  We have 3 people we know are at least semi interested at this point which is a huge blessing.  We know that God has this under control and we are trusting in him to help us sell our house.  He always provides and we know he will walk with us through this time in our lives as we strive to serve him with all our hearts.


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