Wednesday, August 31, 2011

24 weeks

Well I made it to viability week.  This means that if the babies come from here on out they at least have a chance at survival.  I understand this doesn't mean that everything will be smooth sailing from here but it does feel SO good to be at this point.  Now must stay in momma's belly at least 10-13 more weeks, we love you and only want whats best for you ;).

Nothing new to report really.  The babies are kicking up a STORM and driving me NUTS haha. They wake me up at all hours of the night.  I'm only getting about 6 to 7 hours of sleep at night....maybe the babies are just getting me ready for the real fun haha.

This week we moved Kate and Ella into the same room so that we could free up Ella's room for Nora's nursery.  We had a guest room already which is now Nolan's room and then by moving Ella we have a room for Nora too.  We decided to split the babies up because we don't want the crying to wake each other up but I suspect that the babies will sleep in the same room for at least a little bit....we will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.  But at least for now they both have their own space which leaves me with less anxiety haha.

My sweet church friends are throwing me a baby "sprinkle" in two weeks.  I'm SO excited.  With K and E I had a small but very nice baby shower.  But, I was only 20 weeks pregnant, not really showing and K was 3 weeks old (and had a bad cold).  It was a VERY crazy day and I have ZERO pictures from the event.  Not even ONE....nope...none.  Can you believe that?  So I'm really happy that I get to have a "re-do" per say.  I am NOT reregistering and or wanting people to bring gifts....I really don't need much (except boy clothes of course) mostly I'm just looking forward to celebrating the sweet babies that we worked SO hard to get and eating some really awesome food.  I have the best friends a girl could ask for! =) I am blessed.

Okay I think that's all for now.  I don't go to the doctor for another 2 weeks when I'm 26 weeks.  I'll get an ultrasound which I'm SUPER excited about.  I can't wait to see the babies again! =)

Thank you for all your sweet prayers over me and the twins....they are felt.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23 weeks

I.AM.HUGE. lets just say that in the last week I have really popped out.  It's pretty crazy haha.  Most of my close friends who see me on a nearly daily basis have even made comments on my size haha.  I haven't gained any more weight than I have in the last few months but the babies have really gotten big.  I'm scared for what the future is going to look like.  Lets just say I will be BEGGING my doctor to take these babies out when the time comes haha.

I have no real updates on the babies everything is pretty much stable at this point.  My pelvic pain is pretty bad but thats my only true complaint right now.  I also am having a pretty bad acid reflux and when I go to the doctor next week I know I'm going to get an Rx for something stronger than what I can get over the counter.

Thats all for more week until! =)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

22 weeks.....

And the blows keep coming haha.

Good News first;
As far as the babies go....they are perfect.   I had an ultrasound on Monday and both babies are right at 1lb each, cervix is long and closed - praise the Lord.  Nora is head down at this point and Nolan is head up but they keep switching places who knows what the end result will be haha.  I'm very grateful for healthy babies and looking forward to week 24 when the babies are considered "viable" meaning if they are born at 24 weeks they at least have a chance for survival.  I'm very excited to only be 2 weeks away from this huge milestone! Yay babies, keep growing strong and stay PUT....

Bad News;
I pulled something (muscle, tendon, nerve they are not sure) in my groin area.  It's so bad I am unable to bare any weight on my leg so at this time I'm currently parked on the couch.  It stinks.  I did it yesterday and ended up at the ER because I was in so much pain.  I'm so glad that its nothing "serious" but it means I have to stay off my leg for a few days and keep ice on it.  I'm VERY grateful for my sitters who have been helping me out and for my awesome parents and husband who have picked up SO much slack!  I am blessed.

I think that is all for now....please continue to keep my health and the babies in your prayers! =)

Thank you Lord for your constant hand over my life!!!!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

21 weeks

Well the sweet prayers of all my faithful friends must have worked because this has been a MUCH better week than weeks 19 and 20.  I'm not going to jump up and down just yet considering things with me seem to change hourly.  But its been really nice having a decent week without tons and tons of pain.  I'm praying this good run will last at least a few weeks.  I went to the doctor yesterday (no ultrasound just a normal apt) and I'm measuring 25 weeks.  So this puts me about 4 weeks ahead of what a normal singleton belly would measure.  I'm happy with that, not too big, not too small and the doctor is pleased too.  I've now gained 18/19lbs (depends on what time a day you weigh me haha) and I'm also happy about that too.  Thats all the baby updates I have for now! =)

My sweet husband has been in Africa for the last week and a half and I'm SO excited that he will be home Saturday.  I feel like he has been gone forever.  I'm so excited to hear all of the stories and see the pictures he has taken. I know he will forever be changed.  How could he not?  When you go on things like this and see how the rest of the world lives it really opens up your eyes.  The verse at the top of my blog page comes to mind;

Prov. 24:12....once our eyes are opened we can not pretend we do not know what to do.  God, who weights our hearts and keeps our souls, knows that we know and holds us responsible to act.

I love everything about that verse. It's convicting and humbling and honestly makes me pretty darn uncomfortable most of the time.  God knows that Brett and I were in the middle of becoming foster parents when we got pregnant with the twins.  Pushing back our foster children plans by at least 3 years.  The thought of that is depressing and sad but I also know that God has big plans for these twins, how could he not?   We know that we will get back to the place we once were after the twins are born and be able to bring another child into our home to love and care for through the foster care system.  We have to trust God's timing and trust his path for our lives.  I could go on forever about this but thinking about the what-if's and what could have been is pointless.  God is in control and once again he reminds me that HE IS GOD and I AM NOT.

Thank you Lord for loving me through this storm.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

20 weeks

Well I could go into detail about the pain I'm in and how my body pretty much hates me at this point haha but I won't.  Lets just say I'm doing my best to stay a float and I'm VERY grateful for all the family and friends who have been helping me out.  I'm now up 17lbs which I'm happy with (goal is 20lbs by 20 weeks).  The reason you want to gain more weight fast is for two reasons 1) if the babies come early its very important to have them as big as you can and 2) its VERY hard to eat at the end of a multiple pregnancy so its important to eat while you can.  My goal is stay under 50lbs and with only 16 or less weeks left I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it.  I gained 40lbs with Ella so I think 50lbs is a fair number! =)

Okay here is the 20 week picture...don't judge...and yes I know I'm big lol