Wednesday, October 26, 2011

32 weeks

Hello week 32.  Good to see you.  You have already started off pretty ruff - my feet/legs have blown up two sizes, I can hardly walk - thanks haha.  But as far as the babies go - no new news.  I won't be going to the doctor this week, not sure why he just told me to come back in two weeks.  So I have no news to report but I do go for my next ultrasound on Monday which very well will be my last ultrasound until the babies are born.  That is, as long as their growth is fine.  It is very hard to imagine my body holding up for 5 full weeks and honestly I highly doubt it will but if I can at least get to 34 weeks I feel so much better about the situation.  Each two weeks is a huge milestone in my book.

In other news, one of my best friends had her baby today.  She didn't know what she was having and it turns out it was a GIRL.  They named her Eloise and she was 6lbs 3oz 18inchs long.  Tiny little thing like her momma.  I'm so proud of my friend, she did great in labor and delivery.  Now I'm praying that little Eloise goes easy on her the next few months ;).  I can't believe I'm next.....YAY!!!

Well I thought I would post two of the belly and one of my HUGE feet.....don't judge okay?

Yeah I know my feet are huge....and I have no ankles....I think it's pretty darn funny if you ask me.

Still thankful for my two growing and healthy babies.  Thank you Lord.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's amazing to me....

That I can sleep for 11 hours (yes I got up at least 5 times to pee, but I went right back to sleep) and then go to a 4 year olds birthday party and feel like I've been hit by a bus.  I was hoping to be able to go to church tonight and watch my hubby lead worship for Saturday Night Church but I don't think I do it.  I'm starting to get really frustrated with my body....not only do I feel like my skin and belly are maxed out but I feel like I only have energy for about one activity a day or else I'm paying for it for a week.  I'm having a hard time not focusing my on my pain and I think I've cried more time this past week then I have the whole pregnancy.  I hate that I can't just enjoy my last few weeks and be able to finish up the few last minute things that need to get done before the twins get here, but honestly...I'm tapped out.  I don't care what anyone says - there is NOTHING like being pregnant with two babies (unless you are pregnant with 3+ haha).  I don't think anyone can prepare you for how you will feel.  Yes I want these babies to be safe and be inside of me until 37 weeks but the thought of 5 more weeks truly brings tears to my eyes.

But I have to be strong and know that I can do this and I know how HUGE of a blessing these twins are to my family - but Lord, I need you right now.  Please help me finish strong and give my body the strength it needs to keep these babies growing.  I trust that you have my best interest at heart and that through you I can make it 5 more weeks.

And for your viewing is the belly in all its glory haha.  Still no stretch marks but ummm I'm sure those will be a nice surprise here in the next few weeks but a girl can hope can't she?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 weeks

Well hello week 31.  Yesterday 30w6d was awful but today 31w you have been kind to me =).   I'm SO grateful for my "good days" they make me believe that YES I can do this and YES I can make it to 37 weeks.  I am so blessed.

Today at my MOPS bible study we had discussion group day, where we can pick a topic and what not and just spend time together getting to know each other better.  Well my sweet table threw me a surprise diaper shower.  It was SO sweet and meant SO much to me.  We ate cake (my favorite part), panted letters for Nora and Nolan's nursery and played games.  It was SUCH a treat and I was overwhelmed with the love I felt from my table of awesome Christian woman.

I go to the doctor for my 31 week apt tomorrow and I'm seeing a new doctor.  I'm looking forward to hearing the babies heartbeats and seeing how big my belly is haha.  I can't wait to hold those babies in my arms - 6 more weeks.  WOW only 6 weeks.  God is good! =)


Friday, October 14, 2011


Well I went to the doctor today and after I told her that I have feeling much less of baby B (Nora) she thought it would be a good idea to go to the hospital.  So off I went.  When I got there they hooked the babies up and all was fine.  Both have great heart rates and were moving like crazy.  So needless to say it was a waisted trip but its always good to be safe than sorry.  I go back to the doctor next Wednesday.  I'll be seeing another OB at that point which is fine but I'm really ready for my regular OB to come back.  I want him

I've had a LONG day and tonight I'm paying for it.  Big time.  Which sucks.  I hope the girls decide that 8:00 is a good time to go to sleep bc this momma needs to crawl into bed and rest rest rest.

Looking forward to my next doctors appointment and praying its much less uneventful than it was today.

Please Lord help me get through tonight and give me strength the next few weeks to keep these babies growing healthy and strong!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 weeks

Well I'm 30 weeks.  Not much to say about it but I'm here......and holding on haha.  Hopefully these little babies can stay in for at least 4 more weeks but really hoping for 7.  Thank you Lord for this blessing - I love these little babies so much already - we can't wait to meet you both! =)


Sunday, October 9, 2011


I can do this, I can do this, I can do this.....

If I keep telling myself this enough, maybe I will start to believe it.  My body is falling apart.  One outing a day is about all my body can handle and I'm afraid that number will be 0 very shortly.  God Bless anyone who carries more than two babies - I truly understand now.  I'm SO SO grateful for my super awesome husband who takes care of me and the girls so well and does it would out an ounce of complaining or making me feel guilty that I can't help.  I am truly blessed.


Friday, October 7, 2011


Well I had my 30 week doctors appointment today (usually I go Monday's but my doctor was out so I had to go today).  Anyways, my new OB is AWESOME.  I couldn't be happier with her.  Her game plan is exactly like Dr. Mammel's which put me VERY much at ease.  I will be getting ultrasounds every 3 weeks, NST's starting at 33 weeks and I will be going to her every week from here on out.  I feel so much better now that I have really met her and had a chance to talk everything over.  God always provides.

At the ultrasound today everything looked great.  Nolan and Nora were both head down still, YAY.  This will give ME the option of how I want to deliver which makes me really happy.  I'm still not dead set on a c-section OR a vaginal birth but I know God will give me the wisdom when the time comes =).  Both of them had great fluid levels, my cervix was long and closed, Nolan was 3.6lbs and Nora was 3.2lbs.  The only issue (which isn't an issue yet) was the size difference.  Right now they are at a 6% difference if they get to a 10% difference then we will start to really watch the babies for IUGR and it may even warrant a trip to USF to meet with a high risk doctor but she honestly wasn't that worried about it yet and we will talk more about it at 33 weeks with my next ultrasound.  I'm so glad that everything looked great.  I can't believe I have over 6lbs of baby in me.  Ella was only 6lbs14oz when she was BORN so I think its safe to say my belly is now officially the same size as it was when Ella was born at 39weeks haha.  This could get really crazy by the end.....Lord please help me carry your children! =)

In more fun news my photographer ( finished editing my maternity shoot that we did 2 weeks ago.  I'm so in love with the pictures, they are so precious to me and I'm so glad we captured this moment in time.  Thank you Kellie, Clint and Brit.  I love you guys!

I only put up a few there were WAY to many to choose from, thank you so much Kellie Day Photography!  =)


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

29 weeks

Well I made it another week.  And it isn't pretty.  I had NO idea carrying twins would be this hard on my body.  It's so bad there are days where all I really want to do is cry.  Then of course there are other days that I feel 'decent' and of course I very much appreciate those days.  I'm starting to have constant acid reflux/heartburn which is making the daily task of eating a very big challenge and I won't even go into trying to sleep at night.  I think this is just getting me ready for the HUGE lack of sleep I will be getting once the twins are actually here haha.  Even though my body is about at its limit I'm VERY thankful that so far the babies are looking great.  I go back to the doctor on Friday for another ultrasound to check out their growth and position and I'm really looking forward to seeing those little babies.   This will also be my first appt with my new OB and I hope things go well with her.  I'm sure it will be just fine.  I don't have much of  a choice anyways ;).

Well thats it for now, just trying to hang in there and keep a decent attitude.  I just want to get as far as I can to make sure these babies have a good start in this world.  I'm very thankful for the sweet blessing of TWINS.  It truly is a blessing and I am so very thankful that I get to be their mother! =)