Sunday, March 25, 2012


This week at Highland Park Church we are having a revival called Awakening.  My husband and I have started the week off fasting/praying for God to show us some big things.  We are confident that God will come and "awaken" us to new things.  We are moving forward in our thinking and allowing God to lead our paths.  I'm not scared - this is the first time in my  life I feel I like ok God you have this....may your will be done.  Whatever that means....



Casey and Sarah said...

I love this Les! Will be praying for you guys this week that God brings vision and clarity - I have NO DOUBT that He will! God loves to lead us into new adventures and the fullness of His world! Love you guys!

Wade's World said...

man you are leaving me hanging with what is going on, but it sounds like you have the right mindset and things will be great! :)