Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Picture Tuesday.....

I haven’t posted very many pictures recently (actually I haven’t posted at all recently) so I thought I would be an overly obnoxious mom and post some pictures of my super awesome kids.  Yep, I said it....they are awesome.  I think most people look at me a 29 year old with 4 kids under the age of 4 and pity me but I swear when I say that the more kids you have the easier it is.  When you have one kid its ALL consuming.  They need 100% of your attention at all times, or you at least think that you have to give them 100% attention at all times.  When you have two they quickly learn that they can’t always have momma all the time.  When you have 3 (well, I wouldn’t know I’ve never only had 3 kids)....but when you have 4 kids all your kids know momma is stretched thin and I swear they give me a break because of it ha-ha.  The big girls help me SO much with the twins and the twins are SUCH good babies that is hard to complain at all.  My only issue still is getting out alone with all 4 kids because having two babies in public is just hard....lets not sugar coat it haha.

I’ve had a few mommy moments lately.  My big girls, Kate and Ella, are changing schools next year to go to a WONDERFUL VPK program that they got into (pre-kindgergarden for those who don’t live in Florida).  Which means we are leaving our beloved Little Shepherds Pre-School.  We have had A LOT of wonderful memories over the last 4 years at Little Shepherds.  They got me through a lot of hard times when Kate and Ella were babies.  Their 2 year old teachers walked with me while I went through the IVF process last year and cheered me on the whole time.  And this year Kate and Ella’s 3 year old teachers really were there for my girls when the twins where born.  They helped us get through a rough few first months with two newborns.  We truly have been blessed by some pretty amazing people.  Anyways, enough mommy stories haha.....on to the good stuff - Some updated pictures of 4 pretty cool kids

Ella, Nolan, Nora and Kate

Little Man Nolan 

The twins

Ella and Kate’s on their last day at Little Shepherds Pre-School **tear**

And last but not least this a proud momma moment - The girls, Kate (4) and Ella (3), saying the Lords prayer....

Okay well thats all for now.  I have a lot to post about our new house (we hope to move in, in 3 weeks)  I can’t wait to post pictures and we can’t wait to actually get into the house and start enjoying it! =))


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ginanorma said...

What cuties!!! You really do have your hands full and also a full heart, what a blessing!!!