Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chalkboard Words and Prosperity Gospel

In our house we have two huge chalk boards.  One is in the kids play room for them to use and one is for "adult fun.”  For all the adults who want to bring it back old school they can play on this’s pretty awesome.  (Now to the point of my story) We have a small problem with saying words that aren’t really cuss words per-say but our elementary school teacher friend said that we would totally get in trouble at school if we said them.  So we put those words up on the chalkboard in a circle with a line going through them and then our names next to it.  Each time we use the words when we are around each other we laugh go to the chalk board and put an X by our name.  It’s really a running joke EXCEPT one word on there (check out number 9 on the list);

1.  Freaking
2.  Butt - in any reference
3.  Crap
4.  “B.S”
5.  Heck
6.  “P.O.S”
7.  Flippin
8.  Stupid
Last but NOT least

Prosperity gospel is NO joke around here.  We don’t like to use these words in our house.  Mainly because we feel it's just not biblical.  Not from what we read or study from the bible.  Does the Lord want you healthy...of course...sometimes he heals you miraculously and sometimes he uses a doctor, HE IS GOD AND WE ARE NOT.  But he sure doesn’t want you “rich” and I won’t even go into the ridiculous amount of scriptures that back this put up.  The reality is this - Jesus was NOT exaggerating when he said the road is narrow and MANY will be shocked on judgement day.  We are living our American lives trying to keep up with the Jones.  We try to fill our lives full of stuff and we are sitting in the nurseries of our churches drinking spiritual milk.  We are ugly to each other when we don’t agree on issues.  We don’t help the poor, the widows, the orphans or the homeless.  We throw money at things and think that’s enough.  But the reality is this, God needs you.  He needs to you to say YES to his gospel.  To go to the ends of the earth to preach his love and save lives.  Millions upon millions are dying every single day in 3rd world countries and right here in America, almost none of who know the name of Jesus and who are damned to a life in Hell.  And we close our eyes and pretend it isn’t happening.  I am guilty.  We all are guilty.  My heart is heavy today for those in our own community that need Jesus.  The reason why so many other countries are seeing revival is because they are SO POOR that all they have is Jesus. They have a child like faith.  God is good, he is gracious and our salvation is NOT at stake here but we have to wake up, get off the spiritual milk and starting eating the meat of the gospel.  It doesn’t always feel good.  It doesn’t always feel safe.  You will not always be “rich” but that’s not what Jesus promised.  But he did promise that he will be with you and that there would always be enough and thats enough for me.  Start taking in widows, single moms, orphans and the poor and start seeing Jesus in their eyes.  Start sharing your faith to your friends and your family.  And do it in LOVE not out of a religious obligation but out of a pure love.

I will finish with a portion of a sermon by a man who lived Jesus.  If you don’t know who Keith Green is, look him up, he’s worth reading about.

Selfish, "Blessed"
and Feelings-Oriented "Converts"

Anyone who is made to believe he becomes a Christian under such preaching will seldom bring forth the true fruits of a real convert.

He will remain just as selfish as he always was, only now his selfishness will take on a religious form. If he wants something for himself, he will say he "has a burden" for something, or he will say, "It is the desire of my heart," or some other religious-sounding phrase like that.

He will pray selfishly, desiring blessings for himself, and even if he does pray for others, it usually will be for selfish reasons. After all, when he "accepted the Lord," he was told how much Jesus wanted to bless him and how much God had stored up for his account, and how the Bible was like "a checkbook full of promises, just waiting to be cashed!"

Such a person always seeks to "feel" good about himself, his own church, his own pastor, etc. His whole world is built on feeling blessed. He was never shown how he was created to bless God... God was not created to bless him. (Ps 149:4; Phil. 2:13)

And here is a picture of the chalkboard just so you have an idea of how fun it is.....


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