Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Single Parent day 7

I've totally got this single parent thing down.  I'm seven days in and feeling pretty confident, but let's be REAL here (because I'm 100% all about real mommyhood -- no one likes a liar, right?) - I've got a LOT of help ha-ha.  My twins are at Highland Park Church 5 days a week until next Friday, and the girls have been at horse camp all week.  So I must say - besides crazy mornings getting everyone fed, clothed, and lunches packed and crazy nights, dinner, baths, etc., life has been GOOD.  I've been able to get all my homework finished (WOOHOO) and have managed to keep the house pretty clean.

I've heard from Brett a few times; he said he was having a wonderful time.  I'm over the top happy for him.  My heart is bursting with joy.  I pray every night that God will speak clearly to him and give him direction for our family as we finish up schooling in the next few years, what will our future look like? It's pretty cool to think about what our next step will be and how God will use us and our family.

Okay, a few fun single parenting lessons I've learned in case you were wondering (I know you are on the edge of your seat, it's cool, I've got GREAT advice bahaha...)

1.  Straight Duggar style your kids.....this means bringing out the buddy system.  My bigs are helping me so much with the littles.  In fact, the bigs fed the littles last night, and I have NO idea what they ate (I was doing homework haha), but they ate, so we are ship shape, right?

2.  Don't put your kids in clothes unless you need to.  Way less laundry.

3.  Buy a lot of Lunchables, enough said.

4.  Continue to let your bigs sleep in the bed with you, they are great snuggle buddies.

5.  Pray.


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