Saturday, August 2, 2014

Day 1 - Operation Single Mom (for 17 days)

It has been 1 day since Brett left for Africa. First things first, he is in Rwanda safe and sound at the Nazarene compound.  I got a call around 1:00pm our time when they landed and then again around 4:30 when they were at the compound about to turn in for the night. The 6 hour time difference I'm sure is a very difficult adjustment but hopefully tonight they all get some rest.

A few things I learned about single parenting day 1:
1.  Have family come help - they make the day go faster and honestly who is better than family?  No one. Period.
2.  Don't have two year old twins. Enough said.
3.  Have a birthday party lined up for the older kids so they can get out of the house (yeah this is not exactly easy but, hey I'm sure if you took them to the nearest Family Fun Center there's bound to be a party your kid can join- I mean honestly who actually keeps track of each kid at those kinds of places?  It's a freaking zoo, folks.)
4.  Give your two year old twins an early nap so you can ensure an early bed time. This is key to your sanity later in the evening.
5.  Let big girls share the bed with you. You're lonely anyways, why not let them sleep on one side and you (and a huge maternity pillow you haven't haven't given up for 2.5 years) on the other.
6.  Let your big girls ask a ridiculous amount of kid questions once in said bed. Here is a few from tonight, "Ok, so is Jesus and God the same person?"  "What are foster kids?" And last but not least "Can you be my mommy forever?"  And of course my response to those are,"Yes, they are the same but different (super helpful in a 6 year olds brain). "They are kids who need someone to look after them while their mommy and daddy get help" and "Yes, I can. Can you stay 6 forever?"
7.  Soak up every freaking second of those 6 year olds they are precious human beings.

I'm sure I'll have a ton of more great wisdom tomorrow as we enter into day 2 of 17 as a single parent to 4 littles.

Please keep praying for my hubby and his team every chance you get.


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