Friday, December 31, 2010

Its a New Year.....

I've got a few things in mind that I want to "give to God" this year but I'm really struggling with letting go and letting God.  I have a very type "A" personality and it's one of my major character flaws, you could say, that I have to be in control.  This year I want to give "that" first and foremost to God.  He has to be in control.  Less of me more of You.

Another thing I'm kicking around is giving up buying ANY new clothes for myself in 2011.  This will open us up to be able to give more freely to situations that God puts in our lives.  Which is 100 times better than ANY clothing I can buy.  However, if you know know how hard this is going to be.   Another problem with this commitment is that Brett and I would like to get pregnant this year and if that happens I'm not sure what that will mean for my no clothes rule.  I gave away 100% of my maternity clothing after I had Ella b/c I honestly never thought I would want to be pregnant again.  Guess I was wrong haha.  I'm SURE I will be able to borrow my friends old clothing but I always hate asking things like that. This is just another case of the "what if's" and this must go into God's hands.

Speaking of getting pregnant.  This paragraph could be PAGES and PAGES long but I'll keep it short (maybe).  We are currently in cycle 5 of fertility treatments.  I just had lap surgery done to get rid of my stage 3 endo and we are praying that this will be our "fix" and things will happen quickly now but there is no guarantees.  After this month we will start on a new drug I have never used before and also do a trigger shot to make sure things are timed 100% perfect.  After just a few of these tries we will move forward with IUI's and maybe if all else fails back to IVF.  I pray that God has better plans for us than IVF but I also know that HE is in control and HIS timing is perfect.  We are so blessed that we have good insurance, great doctors and a MIGHTY God.  =)

Now onto our foster situation.....
With the Holidays things have been put on hold until the new year.  I'm planning on calling our social worker to set up our first home study on Monday.  I also need to get all the info for the other things that must be completed.  Such as, finger prints, federal and local background checks, CPR classes and pool safety.  We also have to have our home tested for radon fun.  Another thing we have to do is get together a few pay check stubs and all of finanical statements from last year to prove that we are not in this "for the money."  It's hard to believe people do this "for the money" considering you don't get hardly ANY money but I guess with any goverment program people take advantage of it.  Makes me VERY sad.

Well thats all for now.  Praying for two miracles this year.....please continue to keep our growing family in your prayers! =)



Casey and Sarah said...

Les, I am so proud of you guys and the beautiful journey you are on. You have always had a passionate heart and I love how it's been broken wide open for our God. We are now fostering a 16 year old orphan teen-mom (yep, you read that right) and it's INCREDIBLE. So hard, humbling, exhausting, expensive, NOT what we had in mind, but just where God has wanted us. I have seen parts of Him and ourselves that I have never known. Keep going, Les. It's going to be amazing and so worth it. Can't wait to hear about each step and SO praying for you guys. LOTS of love,

Wade's World said...

I came across your blog because you actually went to high school with my husband :) We have been trying to get pregnant since April of 09 and I enjoy reading and talking with other girls who are going through the same things I am. I am your new follower :) Just thought I would say hey. Happy New Year