Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Okay its decided.....

January 1st, 2011 is day 1 of my ONE YEAR commitment to not buying any new clothing.

The only exception to the rule will be if I get any gift cards for say, my birthday.  But I personally will not spend any money on clothing.   It feels so good to have made a decision and it's a pretty fun challenge that I'm actually looking forward to.  I know this will be a time for me to sit back and think about others for once and not about what makes me feel good on the short term.  I'm excited to trust God to provide for my needs, even if that means me begging my sweet friends to borrow their clothing ;).

Now onto a new Foster Parent update!!!  I talked to our social worker and it looks like our first home study will be January 17th.  I'm so excited.  I know it's just the start to a very very long process but it feels good to get the ball rolling again.  I'm a lot less anxious then I was a few weeks ago about these next steps.  I think the Holiday break really helped me adjust to the idea of the reality that in a few short months will have 3 children in our home.  WOW.  Sometimes I wonder why God choose us?  But mostly I'm thankful that he did indeed choose us.  It's truly a privilege that God has ordained in us a special opportunity to experience being his hands and feet.  There is NOTHING more pure than loving those who are "the least of these."  The challenges that lay ahead are nothing short of daunting but I know my God is a big God and his grace and protection will be with us the whole way.

So as we start more aggressive fertility treatments and grow our family by not ONE (foster child) but TWO (foster and bio child) we ask for prayers and support.  We know that we can't do this without the love and support our sweet friends that God has put in our lives.  We are truly blessed.

To God be ALL the Glory,

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