Monday, May 16, 2011

8w5d - Back to the OB on Wednesday at 9w.....

Well I get one more look at the babies on 5-18-11 until my 12 weeks ultra sound on June 7th.  I'm really excited to see the babies again and to also ease my mind that everything is still going great.  I'm really looking forward to seeing those little gummy bears haha!

On another note.  I have signed on with a nanny agency service here in Florida (West Palm Beach).  We are looking for a live-in nanny to stay with us for 2-3 months after the twins are born.  So far there are 5 candidates in the running with two being my top choices.  I have a few weeks to make a final decision but these ladies book FAST.  They spend their whole lives going from new born to new born and travel all over the US.  It seems like a crazy life to me but oh how grateful I am that there are people out there who do this for a living! =)  We know this is a luxury that is above and beyond the "norm" here in Lakeland, FL haha but we know how hard having two babies is and honestly I will admit, we can't do it alone!

Onto some fun news! We are going to MEXICO next week!  We are PUMPED!  We planned this trip right after we finished IVF because we knew we needed some much needed "adult" time.  We are going with another awesome couple, whom we adore and we know we will have an amazing time with.  If you are interested this is the adults only, all inclusive resort we will be staying at;


Last but not least.  I just wanted to say how much I adore my sweet girls right now.  They have been such a joy the last few months (not that they haven't been sweet their whole lives haha) but just these last few months they really have grown into little woman.  God has truly blessed us with some of the kindest little girls anyone could ask for.

Thank you Lord for your hand on our lives.....for your hand on our children (all 4 of them) and for the future that you have planned for us.  We are blessed.


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