Sunday, July 3, 2011

First Baby BOY purchase....

Look what momma got Nolan on Etsy today....

I figure it only fitting for daddy's job as a worship pastor! =)  I think it's precious and will be great for my little winter babies!  Now I need to find an equally cute one for Nora! 

Speaking of buying stuff for the babies I've finally gotten a good start on the list of things I need for the babies.  Buying for two is NOT easy on the wallet but I've found so much good stuff second hand and I've also gotten some things from my sweet friends who no longer need their baby items!  We will be setting up the nurseries sometime in the middle of August.  I know I need to get the big stuff finished just in case I end up on bed rest and or have the babies early.  My goal is to have pretty much everything done by the beginning/middle of September!  I think I can get it done!  Just taking it a little at a time.  

I think thats all for now.  Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 4th of July and Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Liz! =)


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