Friday, July 29, 2011


Just checking in.  Nothing much to report from last post a few days ago other than I'm now wearing a maternity support belt which seems to be helping with some of my pain. I'm still having TONS of Braxton Hicks contractions but I'm doing my best to stay calm and do everything the doctors tell me to do.  I go back to the doctor in a week and a half which always makes me feel better.  Please continue to keep me and the twins in your prayers.

Brett leaves at 3:45am tomorrow to go on a mission trip to Africa.  I'm really happy for him.  We had a great day together today.  We took the girls to camp and went to breakfast and ran some errands then we had a sitter come for an hour around lunch time so we could also enjoy lunch together.  Brett has the girls alone tonight as it's my 10 year class reunion.  I'm so nervous to go but I know I will have fun.  Just praying the pain will stay away for long enough for me to enjoy myself for a few hours.  I hope to be home at a decent hour tonight so I can spend a little more time with Brett before he leaves in a few hours.  Please also keep my sweet husband in your prayers the next two weeks and also for traveling mercies as he has a LONG plane trip ahead of him.

Thank you Lord for your continued blessing over our family, we are here to serve you.



Stephanie said...

Hey! It's june24bride...what group is your dh going with?! My dh leaves for Kenya the 13 th on a medical mission trip!

Stephanie said...

Ps..u can just email...