Tuesday, June 7, 2011

12 weeks

Well here is the belly at 12 weeks (I'm measuring 16 weeks)

Here is Twin A at 12 weeks

Here is Twin B at 12 weeks

Today was my 12 week doctors appointment.  I had my NT scan done today.  This measures the fluid on the back of the baby's neck to assess the risk of Down Syndrome.  This is a fairly new test and a lot of woman decline the test but for me I just needed to know what our risks were.  I am happy to report that the measurements came back perfect and now we will wait about a week for the blood test results...but so far everything is PERFECT.  The babies look precious, we are so blessed!  We will find out their sexes at our next appointment on June 30th.  It can't come soon enough! =)

Last but not least here are my sweet girls on there last day of 2 year old pre-school.  We will miss you Ms. Pam and Ms. Katina - you two are wonderful!!!!!  Let the summer break begin!!!!

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