Sunday, June 5, 2011

Twin Pregnancy = NO JOKE....

I know I should be OVERJOYED to be pregnant and while yes I am this twin pregnancy is NOT easy.  I didn't even look/feel pregnant until I was closer to 25 weeks with Ella but here I am at 12 weeks and I'm huge and uncomfortable.  My belly out of control and so are my tummy troubles.  While I'm not throwing up I'm so nausea at night that I can hardly stand it.  I'm just praying this is a first tri problem and not a twin pregnancy problem.  My organs have already been shifted around SO much and my actual stomach is NOT a happy camper about being pushed around - I'm having a lot of stomach pains.  Honestly, I had NO idea carrying more than one baby would be as hard as it is and I'm not even in the second tri yet (just a few days away, yahoo haha).  Then I think about people who carry 3, 4, 5 babies and I honestly don't know how anyones body could actually handle it.  The good news is that all this pain is SO worth it and when I lay my eyes on my sweet twin babies here in a few months all this pain will be forgotten.  I really want to try and connect with these babies before they come and try to enjoy this pregnancy because it will be in my last.  I'm so grateful that God aloud us the privilege to have another baby(ies) and I need to keep remembering that God will take care of me.  He will get me through.

I have my NT scan (a detailed ultra sound of the twins to check for Downs Syndrome) on Tuesday the 7th.  I'm really excited to see my babies again.  I know that everything will be just fine and it will be nice to have the test over with! I also have a few questions for my doctor, I hope he's ready for me haha.

On an exciting note.  My sweet daughter Ella turns 3 on Sunday the 12th.  I just can't believe it.  She's getting so big (but is oh-so-tiny compared to other 3 year olds haha).  She's such a joy and really is a wonderful little girl.  We decided to not do a birthday party for her but instead we are going to Disney to have a "princess makeover" at the Magic Kingdom.  My sweet nieces Grace and Ila will be joining Ella and Kate.  They are going to have the BEST time.  I'm so excited for them.

That is all for now.....I know I need to post a belly picture soon.  It's pretty shocking haha.  Don't be have been warned.


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