Tuesday, August 2, 2011

20 weeks

Well I could go into detail about the pain I'm in and how my body pretty much hates me at this point haha but I won't.  Lets just say I'm doing my best to stay a float and I'm VERY grateful for all the family and friends who have been helping me out.  I'm now up 17lbs which I'm happy with (goal is 20lbs by 20 weeks).  The reason you want to gain more weight fast is for two reasons 1) if the babies come early its very important to have them as big as you can and 2) its VERY hard to eat at the end of a multiple pregnancy so its important to eat while you can.  My goal is stay under 50lbs and with only 16 or less weeks left I'm pretty sure I'll be able to do it.  I gained 40lbs with Ella so I think 50lbs is a fair number! =)

Okay here is the 20 week picture...don't judge...and yes I know I'm big lol

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Just Jenny said...

you really look great and I promise I wouldnt just say that! Praying for you that you get some relief from the pain.