Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wow 27 weeks.  With every week I feel better and better that the twins will get here safe and sound.  My short term goal is 30 weeks.  There is something about that number that just seems safe to me - of course I know its not ideal to have babies at 30 weeks haha but for me its a good goal and I'm only 3 weeks away! =)

I'm feeling decent.  The last two days my feet have started to swell at night which has been annoying but nothing too bad, yet.  I know it's coming but I'm just trying to drink lots of water and not use any extra salt (which is hard for me).  I go back to the doctor on Monday and have my gestational diabetes test.  It's funny because everyone thinks the drink is so gross and well I think its pretty darn good....but I love sugar so I guess thats why ha-ha.  I'm not worried about failing the test at all.  I'm sure it will all be fine.

On a different note my OB is leaving for the whole month of October.  He has to take care of himself and that is first and foremost the most important thing but I will miss him while he is gone.  He always makes me feel better and I'm very grateful for all this support the first few months of this pregnancy when I had MANY MANY freak out moments haha.  He's a great doctor and I always feel safe in his hands.  I will be seeing another OB in his practice while he is gone and I've already met her once, I liked her a lot so I'm not too worried.  I just need to make sure these babies stay in and don't try to make a quick exit while he's gone haha.  Hoping and praying that my OB gets back the first of November and I can go back to him for the actual birth of the babies.

Well I think thats all for now....just doing my best to stay positive and praying that everything continues to stay this calm the rest of this pregnancy!


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