Friday, February 18, 2011

A sweet life.....Fostering, IVF and my Kate....

Few updates in the foster department;  I did my water safety certification and passed the test, YAY!  I'm going to do the medicine training and try and figure out a date for us to do our CPR certification this weekend.  Then next Friday we have our second home study.  My references have all gotten there packets and have told me they are working on them, so that's great news.  We still have a lot to do but we are getting there....this is A LOT of work but God has shown us favor and is walking with us.  We are so blessed.

As far as our IVF cycle goes....I'm on day 9 of my birth control pills.  We have our IVF appt. on Monday at 2:30 where we will do a mock transfer (this helps the doctor have a "map" per say for when we do the REAL transfer).  Also I'll be getting my exact protocol and all my medicines at this time.  I know when I leave Monday I will be feeling VERY over whelmed.  I'm bracing for the storm of emotions that are to come.  You think pregnancy hormones are ruff....they don't lay a finger on shooting yourself up with high doses of these meds haha.  I should be starting my Lupron shots on March 2nd followed by the stims.  We are really looking forward to getting things rolling.

No other real "news" to report but I will post a few pictures of my sweet girls that our favorite photographer Kellie Day took of Kate for her 3rd birthday.  We enjoy getting birthday pictures done for our girls but we really enjoy it when it's Kate's birthday.  These are the pictures that we send to her sweet birth mom.  Sometimes I wonder if she actually gets the pictures (because I know they have moved quit a bit since the adoption) but I just have to trust that she does.  I hope one day we will be able to see them again.  In the mean time I just pray for her protection and thank God everyday for what she did for us and for her unborn child.  God's protection over her is nothing short of a miracle.

Here are two that I took of my girls.....I got a new camera and I thought these turned out pretty cute but I have  LOT to learn still! =)


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Rebecca said...

These photos are precious! Such beautiful daughters you have!