Sunday, February 27, 2011

This is the week.....I can't believe it's here....

Well this is the BIG week.  The start of our second IVF (first was 4 years ago).  I start my lupron shots this Wednesday morning between 6-8am.  I will be taking them for at least 20 days and maybe upwards of 30 days.  I still can't believe this is the week.  I feel very calm with whole situation.  I feel relaxed and prepared but most of all I feel confident in my God.  Because the reality of the whole situation is this....He is God and I am not.

If this cycle does not result in a pregnancy the good news is we have pre-paid using an "insurance" program.  This program allows us to do 3 fresh cycles and 3 frozen cycles (frozen cycles are cycles where they put back the embryos from fresh cycles that were left over and frozen).  The "insurance" program is VERY expensive (double the price of a normal cycle) but it gives you 6 tries and if at the end of ALL 6 tries you don't have a "take home baby" meaning a baby in your arms you get 70% of your money back.  Which pretty much rules!!!  We also can drop out at any time and get 70% of our money back.

So here we go....time to put my game face on.  God, you are in control.


In fostering news.  We had our second home study on Friday.  Things went great.  I have to admit though I am VERY overwhelmed with everything we STILL have to get done.  I honestly can't even name all the things that this process involves.  I would have to say this has been the HARDEST thing we have done in our married life.  It's SUCH a huge commitment and a very long process.  It's pretty awesome that we have been called by God to do this.  It truly isn't something that just anyone can do (and I now understand why).  Thank you Lord for your protection and hand in all of this...please continue to give us strength as we push ahead, you never leave us and in this I am confident.


In Kate and Ella news.  My husband and I took the sweeties to a brand new toddler park we have in our town (our town has WONDERFUL public parks).  I took a few photos of the girls playing so I though I would share some!

Be Blessed,

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