Wednesday, October 5, 2011

29 weeks

Well I made it another week.  And it isn't pretty.  I had NO idea carrying twins would be this hard on my body.  It's so bad there are days where all I really want to do is cry.  Then of course there are other days that I feel 'decent' and of course I very much appreciate those days.  I'm starting to have constant acid reflux/heartburn which is making the daily task of eating a very big challenge and I won't even go into trying to sleep at night.  I think this is just getting me ready for the HUGE lack of sleep I will be getting once the twins are actually here haha.  Even though my body is about at its limit I'm VERY thankful that so far the babies are looking great.  I go back to the doctor on Friday for another ultrasound to check out their growth and position and I'm really looking forward to seeing those little babies.   This will also be my first appt with my new OB and I hope things go well with her.  I'm sure it will be just fine.  I don't have much of  a choice anyways ;).

Well thats it for now, just trying to hang in there and keep a decent attitude.  I just want to get as far as I can to make sure these babies have a good start in this world.  I'm very thankful for the sweet blessing of TWINS.  It truly is a blessing and I am so very thankful that I get to be their mother! =)


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