Friday, October 7, 2011


Well I had my 30 week doctors appointment today (usually I go Monday's but my doctor was out so I had to go today).  Anyways, my new OB is AWESOME.  I couldn't be happier with her.  Her game plan is exactly like Dr. Mammel's which put me VERY much at ease.  I will be getting ultrasounds every 3 weeks, NST's starting at 33 weeks and I will be going to her every week from here on out.  I feel so much better now that I have really met her and had a chance to talk everything over.  God always provides.

At the ultrasound today everything looked great.  Nolan and Nora were both head down still, YAY.  This will give ME the option of how I want to deliver which makes me really happy.  I'm still not dead set on a c-section OR a vaginal birth but I know God will give me the wisdom when the time comes =).  Both of them had great fluid levels, my cervix was long and closed, Nolan was 3.6lbs and Nora was 3.2lbs.  The only issue (which isn't an issue yet) was the size difference.  Right now they are at a 6% difference if they get to a 10% difference then we will start to really watch the babies for IUGR and it may even warrant a trip to USF to meet with a high risk doctor but she honestly wasn't that worried about it yet and we will talk more about it at 33 weeks with my next ultrasound.  I'm so glad that everything looked great.  I can't believe I have over 6lbs of baby in me.  Ella was only 6lbs14oz when she was BORN so I think its safe to say my belly is now officially the same size as it was when Ella was born at 39weeks haha.  This could get really crazy by the end.....Lord please help me carry your children! =)

In more fun news my photographer ( finished editing my maternity shoot that we did 2 weeks ago.  I'm so in love with the pictures, they are so precious to me and I'm so glad we captured this moment in time.  Thank you Kellie, Clint and Brit.  I love you guys!

I only put up a few there were WAY to many to choose from, thank you so much Kellie Day Photography!  =)


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