Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Home Study, Going to Haiti in 13 days, Infertility Update = Good Times...

So, we had our first home study this week.  It went awesome.  I adore our social worker (there are actually two of them right this moment but it will be just one shortly).  Basically it was my "interview" and next time it will be Brett's turn.  I was not worried a bit.  They asked me every question you can imagine,  from my most traumatic childhood experience to my relationship with the Lord and EVERYTHING in between.  It was so easy to be open and honestly about my fears/worry and also about my strengths.  Up next, we both have physicals scheduled for next week (yes a doctor has to make sure we are physically able to care for another child haha).  Then we have to do a little more paper work (not much more, yay).  Take pictures of every room in our house.  Give a floor plan of our house.  Baby proof out house.  Set up the room where the child will be staying.  Make a list of "pool rules."  Take a pool safety class.  Take a CPR class. Do finger prints and back ground checks.  Humm I think I covered MOST of it and WOW it seems a WHOLE lot worse typed out.  But it's all for God's glory - his will be done.

Up next Haiti.  We leave in 13 days.  WOW.  I can't WAIT.

Finally, once again our battle with infertility.  We are still on the same cycle that I talked about a few posts back.  On Tuesday (cycle day 11) I had a follicle check.  I have about 3 or 4 bigger follicles, one has not proven to be the dominate quit yet and a bunch of small ones.  They are having me go back on Saturday (cycle day 14) at 8:15am for another scan.  Hopefully that night I will give myself the trigger shot and go in first thing Monday morning for our IUI.  I can't wait for the IUI to be over.  It's just so time consuming between medicine, doctors apts and all the worry.  I will find out if it worked while I'm in Haiti.  If it didn't then off to IUI#2 we will go!  I'm not worried about it, God is in control and I know that.  Once again to HIM to be glory.  In his timing.


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Casey and Sarah said...

Thank you for your honesty and authenticity. Beautiful stuff. God has BEAUTIFUL things in store.