Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going to 17 days...

So, I'm going to Haiti in 17 days.  Hard to believe we are actually going.  We originally were slated to go December 26th-31st but that was delayed because of the bad riots going on down there.  I was very sad when I found out we were not going but I was grateful that our leaders knew it wasn't safe and didn't put us at a greater risk then we already are in going down there.

It seems like every time I tell someone I'm going to Haiti they are in disbelief ha-ha.  I don't know why I'm not in shock over this but I feel a strange sense of calm about the whole trip.  I am going with a group that has been going on this exact same trip for years.  They take about 5 trips a year and have this down to a science.  The little village we are going to is called Chauffard and its a few miles outside of capital Port-a-Prince.  It may only be a few miles out of where we fly into but its a 3 hour drive up some mountains with no paved roads.  They tell me that in most places we can get out and walk because the truck is going so slow ha-ha.  I'm looking forward to getting out and taking some awesome pictures of this country.

In Chauffard there is no running water and no electricity.  The people of this mountain village live in huts/tents and go without even the basic of life's necessities.  It's funny because I think how can I pack for a WHOLE week in just ONE bag and then I realize that they can pack their entire life's belongings in just ONE bag.  Funny how things like that change your view on how we live.  I expect to go and be changed.  See, I've been on mission trips before and I can tell you that you don't go to change those people (yes of course we pass things out and help with repairs/work on their homes etc) but you go and find something in you that you didn't even know was there.  You realize that you CAN go without and that giving really isn't giving until you have given until it hurts.  God changes the hearts of those that serve him and I expect to go and be changed by God.

I'm excited to post more about this special trip I am so blessed to go on.  I am asking that you all pray for our protection as we travel and for the sweet people of Chauffard.  Please pray that God will pour out on them blessing after blessing and that we will be used to be his hands and feet.


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Casey and Sarah said...

So cool that you are going to Haiti! Wish I could go too! Can't wait to hear all about it and will be praying for your preparations!!