Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I was NOT expecting to get a call today that all three of embryo's that were still growing yesterday would make it to freeze today....but thats the exact call I got.  I was SHOCKED to say the least.  When I asked her more information on them she had to go ask the embryologist who said they were "very good".  They have VERY strict rules on what they freeze so "good" is good enough for me! =)  Last IVF we didn't even get one frozen embryo....so praise the Lord for this awesome news.

Having frozen embryo's can pose a little bit of a dilemma though.  If I do get pregnant this cycle and it's only one baby then we would for sure do a frozen embryo transfer in a few years which would take care of the problem by giving all 3 babies a chance at life!  If however, I get pregnant and deliver twins we would most likely hold on to embryos for a few years and if we feel like we could not handle another child we would adopt them out.  I know that may sound crazy to some people but to give another couple a chance at having a child is something I would LOVE to do.  There are a lot of options for embryo adoption and we would most likely enjoy an "open" adoption if they did indeed get pregnant with our biological child.  

If however, we do not get pregnant at all this cycle we will be able to do a frozen embryo transfer.  Which means I will not have to go through the whole IVF process - it's a lot more like a "natural" cycle.  But I'm not going there mentally just yet! =)

Thats all for now....no pregnancy symptoms just yet haha...but I'll keep everyone posted!


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