Saturday, March 19, 2011

IVF #2 - Day 18

Total Shot Count - 18

Side Effects - None recently.  I've been on the lupron for 18 days so my body is really starting to get use to it.  I'm not the emotional wreck I was a week or two ago haha.

Tomorrow morning I start my stim medications.  This will cause my ovaries to produce a massive amount of eggs!  During this phase (which usually lasts about 10 days) I will be giving myself 3 shots daily.   Two shots in the morning (Lupron and Menopur) and one shot at night (Folistim).  During this time I will also be going to the doctor for an ultrasound and blood work on an every 2 or so day basis until the follicles are large enough to take the eggs out.  This is the phase that is VERY time consuming and hard because of the time, effort and emotional and physical stress that your body is put through.

I feel so blessed to have finally made it to this point.  It's been 41 days from the start of my birth control pills to get here.  There has already been a lot of set backs and IVF schedule changes but God has giving me the strength to keep pushing forward.  I'm feeling very confident in a God who is much bigger than I.  Thank you Lord for calming my spirit and even adding some humor into the last few weeks.  May you be glorified my King....


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