Monday, March 28, 2011

IVF #2 - Day 27

Total Shot Count - 45

Side Effects - Physically I'm about to burst.  I've never felt so "full" in my life.  It's just so painful but you should see the ultrasound of my ovaries....they are HUGE.  There are so many eggs in there the doctor doesn't even measure them all.  It's crazy to watch and the doctor was laughing today because it was taking so long that she's going to have to have a hand break after holding the ultrasound wand for so long.  Emotionally I'm feel okay.  I have the normal nervousness that anyone would feel going into an IVF cycle but I have some pretty amazing friends that are helping me keep my head on straight and remembered to trust God's plan.  It's nice to have so many sweet friends backing me up and loving me even in the middle of my storm.  I am so blessed.

Tonight I take my trigger shot at 9:15pm.  This will put me at an Egg Retrieval date of Wednesday at 9:15am.  I go in tomorrow morning at 9:00am to have my pre-op with Dr. Loy.  I haven't laid eyes on him this whole cycle so it will be super nice to finally see him tomorrow.  He will not be the doctor on call for IVF egg retrievals on Wednesday, it's the doctor who opened the practices SO many years ago - I feel very confident in him =).  It's hard to believe I'm finally at this point in the cycle.  It's been a WHOLE lot of waiting, panicking, praying, poking myself with needles and texting my friends with all my crazy updates haha.  Baby we come!  Once again God YOU ARE IN CONTROL! =)



pamelanmatt said...

I am so incredibly excited for both of you. Keep believing in the plan. Now is the time to really Let Go and Let God. Love ya

pamelanmatt said...

I am so incredibly happy for you both. Keep trusting the plan. Now is the time to Let Go and Let God. Love ya

Cathy said...

Still praying! So excited for you! Your faith is an ispiration!