Friday, March 11, 2011

UPDATE to Day 10.....

Got the call from my doctor.  My E2 level was 55 (they want to see it under 50, so its ALMOST there) and the cyst was 12 (they want to see it under 10, once again ALMOST there).  So with that said, they will have me back Tuesday to check it out.  The doctor is almost positive it will be gone by then because it's SO close to being gone anyways.  The BAD news is...they ONLY start stims on Saturdays/Sundays/Mondays  I have NO idea why they do this.  So it looks like even if I'm 100% ready on Tuesday I will still have to wait until Saturday morning to start my stims.  So all in all it looks like I will be delayed a week, 7 extra shots.  Which, in the BIG picture of life, is nothing.  But in the LITTLE picture of IVF seems like an eternity.

Right now I'm trusting a BIG God.  He is holding my hand through it all.  I've got many, many friends praying many, many prayers for this sweet baby to come to existence.  I AM BLESSED beyond measure to have the faith family standing with me, believing for LIFE.  Thank you God.  


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